Keep a check on Winter Blues by taking Ativan Online UK

Ativan in the UK

Keep a check on Winter Blues by taking Ativan Online UK

As you welcome winter with cold air running across and snow lingering, it’s time to say goodbye to sunlight which has a huge impact on your sleep cycle. The amount of sleep varies from person to person, the average sleep period noted is 7-8 hours each night. Here, are 3 ways winter hinders your sleep.

1. Lack of Light

The time and quality of sleep are greatly affected by a change in light. There is a limited amount of sunlight in winter than in other seasons. Melatonin regulates body’s sleep-wake cycle and lack of sunlight makes you tired and sleepy for this you can use Ativan. Moreover, it leads to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is featured as depression that takes place regularly during seasonal changes, using Ativan in the UK can help you secure sound sleep.

2. Colder Air

The notorious winter gives rise to utility bills as the temperature decreases and heaters need to be turned on, but heating can have an undesirable impact on the quality of sleep, to increase the quality of sleep take Ativan in the UK. As the air turns colder, it puts a negative impact on melatonin production and regulates the sleep-wake cycle. In addition, the cold air dries out mucous membranes and makes you prone to cold and flu.

3. Change in Eating Habits

Winters bring hearty, dense carbohydrates to the table. Being a festive time, winters are based on sugary, high in calorie foods which affect hormone levels. Leptin, a hormone related to metabolism and appetite is affected by these foods. The change in leptin in body disturbed sleep-wake cycle which in turn hinders other hormonal functioning.

The lack of sleep puts an impact on one’s performance when awake. Sleep deficit results in memory impairment, poor performance, and increases accidents, to immune yourself from such risks use medication such as Ativan in the UK. People tend to gain weight because of being sleep deprived as it causes an impact on glucose level and may be prone to diabetes. It weakens the immune system, increases the risk of heart diseases and hypertension.

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