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Sleep – How it helps Your Body

To maintain a good health is quite difficult nowadays because of the hectic and tiresome daily schedules. With a lot of stress and physical or psychological problems, getting a peaceful and calm sleep is a tedious task. Sleep is the most important part of our lives, it keeps us healthy and active throughout life. A good night sleep prevents people from serious physical & mental diseases.

According to science, a normal adult needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Children and old people need some extra sleep hours than adults. The sleep cycle depends on our internal clock i.e. sleep-wake cycle of circadian rhythm. Sleep is regulated by the sleep hormone – melatonin, our brain release melatonin to fall asleep or stay asleep. Natural melatonin production is increased by healthy diets, relaxation therapies, and much more. In addition, to enhancing the production of melatonin in our body, man-made methods i.e. sleeping pills in UK or other countries are used.

Benefits of a good night sleep:

  • Growth & Development – When people sleep, our brain flushes toxins and release the growth hormones such as somatotropin or peptide, they stimulate the growth of our body and regulate cell reproduction or regeneration. Sleep deficiency can lead to chronic health problems such as mental problems, stress, anxiety, pain, heart problems and much more. A good night sleep helps our body and mind to heal or repair the damaged cells or tissues.
  • Brain Functionality – Brain is a vital part of our body, whether you’re taking an important decision or doing a physical activity that needs coordination a healthy mind helps you in every situation.
    Studies show that when sleeping our brain is forming new ways or calculations to learn new things and release the specific hormones to alleviate our pain or tensions.
    Sleep deficiency may cause problems such as memory, depression, mood swings, stress, learning issues, lack of coordination and much more.
  • Physical Health – Our body needs time to time healing or repairing of damaged or tired cells or tissues. The healing of blood vessels & heart is done in the night when sleeping. Without a good night sleep, many problems occur including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke. Your immune system works better if you’re sleeping well.
  • Performance – It’s well-known fact that if a person sleeps well he can perform better. The productivity increases with sleep. Lack of sleep cause tiredness and slower the reaction time means more mistakes. Sleep deficiency causes accidents i.e. avoid driving or other machinery activities that need mind-body coordination if you’re not getting enough sleep.

Doctors prescribe the natural therapies or sleeping pills in UK or other countries to treat the sleep disorders or insomnia. Insomnia causes serious health consequences if not treated on time. There are a variety of brands of sleeping pills in UK or other continents in the world, people can easily get their medications according to their symptoms.

For more info about sleep, sleep disorders, insomnia, or their medications visit UK Sleeping Pill – an online pharmacy. Here people can browse a number of medicines related to their mental or physical disorders.

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